Hotel Marulivo (Pisciotta)

Marulivo, a dream born from the ruins of an ancient monastery.

Marulivo Hotel was born from a dream of those who fell in love with this area many years ago and decided to turn the ruins  in a charming residence. Through a long and skilful restoration using ancient construction techniques this monastery of the fourteenth century has finally regained its lost beauty.

The hotel is born in the ancient convent tower, dedicated to Saint Catherine from Alessandria, in the heart of Pisciotta’s medieval village.

The convent was probably as ancient as the oldest part of what once was Pisciotta’s castle, the Marquis’ Palace, and likely its escape hatch during the longest sieges.

During the course of history this ancient monastery changed its purpose many times, becoHall [ clicca per ingrandire ]ming also a noble residential palace before being abandoned for almost a century.

In the past, the building has been owned by a woman, member of Pisciotta’s powerful Pinto family, and today its owner is a young woman from Rome whose surname is Pinto as well. Again, the Universe may not always play fair, but it has a terrific sense of humor.

Now, here where the eye can’t tell where the horizon splits the skies and the sea, you can find the magic of enjoying and spending time surrounded by ancient walls.